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What are the raw materials of the wig?

The raw materials of wigs can basically be divided into two categories: man-made fibers and human hair. The wigs on the market are basically processed from these two kinds of raw materials.


1. Man-made chemical fiber

Artificial chemical fibers are collectively referred to as chemical filaments in the wig industry. They refer to chemical fiber materials synthesized through chemical "spinning" or "blowing" processes. They are similar to human hair wigs and are a supplement to human hair raw materials. The more famous ones are Japanese kanekalon and toyokalon. In the early days, the most expensive one was PP material (also called P material, namely polypropylene chemical fiber).


The synthetic chemical fiber silk mainly includes: normal temperature silk, high temperature silk, protein silk and other common products; according to its origin, it can be subdivided into domestic silk, Japanese silk, Korean silk, etc.; according to its reflectivity, it can also be divided into domestic silk, Japanese silk, Korean silk, etc. It is ordinary silk and matte silk.

Normal temperature silk: Normal temperature silk is generally used as a filling material in human hair products, which can effectively reduce the cost of human hair products. But the shortcomings are also obvious: easy to deform, difficult to manage, not resistant to high temperatures, and are flammable items. However, there are also wig products made of pure room temperature silk on the market. Because of their low price, they were also popular in the early days. However, the shortcomings of products made with room temperature silk are also obvious: the degree of realism is poor and it is not conducive to maintenance; They are basically disposable products, so they have been gradually eliminated in recent years.


High temperature wire: Compared with normal temperature wire, high temperature wire has a great improvement in high temperature resistance. Theoretically, it does not exceed 160 and will not deform the high temperature wire. (In actual applications, according to the different production process of high temperature wire, The temperature ranges from 100°C to 160°C). Under the condition of controlling the temperature, it can be hot, easy to take care of and save, and its fidelity is also greatly improved compared with that of room temperature silk. Therefore, in recent years, many wig products on the market are made of high-temperature silk raw materials (materials), of course, the price is more expensive than normal temperature silk.


Protein silk: With the development of the wig industry, customers have higher and higher requirements for products, and low-end products can no longer meet the needs of customers, so there is a higher-quality raw material such as protein silk. Compared with normal temperature silk and high temperature silk, protein silk has achieved a further level of fidelity. So far, it is a kind of raw material that has the closest feel and fidelity to human hair. It is often used in making high-end wigs. So the price will be more expensive compared to the first two.


In the course of continuous development of synthetic chemical fiber, an upgraded product that is different from ordinary silk has been derived: flame-retardant silk. The difference between flame-retardant silk and ordinary chemical fiber is that ordinary chemical fiber is easy to burn and becomes lumpy after being ignited. , And flame-retardant silk is not easy to burn. After being ignited, it is the same as human hair and becomes a powder, which reduces the risk of use. However, because of its high cost, it has not been widely used.


2. Human hair


According to different regions, human hair can be divided into: China hair, India hair, Brazil hair, Myanmar hair, Vietnam hair, Mongolia hair and so on. Because of its material, it can be ironed and dyed, and is easy to store. However, the output of human hair is limited, and the price of human hair products is slightly more expensive.


The main difference between human hair in different regions lies in the hair quality and curvature. Chinese hair, Mongolian hair, Burmese hair, and Vietnamese hair are all Asian hair, and the hair quality is relatively straight. Among them, Chinese hair is the best, and Chinese hair feels smooth. Slippery, the most expensive. Brazilian hair and Indian hair are softer in hair quality and have a slightly larger curvature. They are suitable for European and American hairstyles and are mostly used for hair extensions. Among them, Brazilian hair is the best.


I believe that through this article, everyone has a general understanding of the raw materials of wigs; if you have other questions about wig products, you can contact us (DOLLZ HAIR) at any time, and we will answer every readers question. And we will regularly release articles related to wig products for everyone. hand tied weft vendors

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